Infiniti G Coupe and Convertible (Fourth generation – facelift)

Infiniti G Coupe exterior

World’s stupidest garage


  1. The Infiniti G has very comfortable front seats and an impressive Bose sound system
  2. Fast in a straight line
  3. Fancy gearbox from the Nissan 370Z will make you feel a little sporty (like an overwieght man wearing lycra)
  4. Decent standard equipment
  5. 4 year warranty

5 Cons

  1. The last time a Japanese company tried a car like this (the SC430), Top Gear deemed it the worst car in the history of the world
  2. There is effectively zero boot space in the convertible (with the roof down). It’s a joke and a very good reason not to buy this car
  3. The handling has been described as pretty bad for the convertible and not great in the Coupe (no surprise given how much the cars weigh)
  4. Bad fuel efficiency
  5. Rear seat is cramped

Concluding personality type Durian: Some people love it, others think it just stinks

Infiniti G convertible exterior

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