Ford Focus ST (Third generation Mk3)

Ford Focus ST exterior

5 Pros

  1. The ST has been one of the best hot hatches for many years. This new model continues that trend and unlike other Australian sold Ford Focus’, it is built in Germany
  2. Incredibly composed chassis that loves corners and the engine is willing and flexible.
  3. Decent boot and rear seat space
  4. Very compliant ride, you can play with this every day
  5. Cheaper than its main competitors the Megane RS 265 and Volksagen Scirocco R

5 Cons

  1. General expert opinion is that it is not quite as sharp as the Megane
  2. The interior is annoyingly hyperactive and the ST is manual only
  3.  Only takes the most expensive premium unleaded
  4. A bit short on standard equipment compared to others in the Focus range (it misses out on the clever self parking and automatic braking systems)
  5. The 4 door style probably makes it a little bit more family

Concluding personality: Tangerine Scream: Fun and healthy (and the name of one of the Focus colours)

Ford Focus ST Yellow


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