Skoda Rapid (2013)

Skoda Rapid 2013

5 Pros

  1. Boot space: The Skoda Rapid is best in class (which is small cars) and bigger than many large family cars
  2. Fuel efficiency: Class leading
  3. Interior space: Pretty good for this segment
  4. Value: Although pricing has not been released for Australia, overseas it is selling at a lower price than the Hyundai i30 (note though that pricing for Australian Skoda’s have tended to be higher compared to offshore)
  5. Badge: European still cooler than Japan

5 Cons

  1. Interior quality: One step above nasty
  2. Boring around corners: Overseas reviews have labelled it as “A to B”… (no models have been driven locally though)
  3. Slow: You may be beaten at the lights by a Toyota Corolla
  4. Boot: Big yes, but the entry is high (making it difficult to get heavy items in and reducing rear visibility)
  5. Rear seats: They don’t fold flat

Concluding personality type: Wal-Mart: Big, practical and cheap

Skoda Rapid dash

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