Lexus RX (2012 facelift)

Lexus RX bikes

Probably not the Tour de France

5 Pros

  1. The Lexus RX is well equipped with an electric boot, sat nav, reversing camera and 12 speaker sound system
  2. 4 year warranty and Toyota reliability
  3. The hybrid version has great straight line performance, class leading fuel efficiency and great rear seat space (due to lack of a transmission bump on the floor)
  4. Clever dash that is operated with a mouse like device (although it is a bit ugly)
  5. Very quiet inside

5 Cons

  1. Smallish boot for this class
  2. Quite expensive
  3. The petrol versions are not very fuel efficient, but at least the standard 4 cylinder model can run on normal 91 petrol (apparently)
  4. Not yet rated by ANCAP, so safety remain an unknown – but it does have ten airbags
  5. No real off road capability

Concluding personality type: New years eve: Surprisingly good (if you have low expectations)

Lexus RX dash

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