Tata Nano (Indian version)

Tata Nano forestI feel this excursion is not going to end well…

5 Pros

  1. The Tata Nano is the cheapest new production car in the world. You can buy one in India for about A$3k, which is amazing given it has four doors and a roof
  2. Very easy to drive with good interior space
  3. 4 year warranty offered by Tata
  4. Incredible fuel efficiency
  5. Jay Leno has called this car an “instant classic”. I would have to agree – this is a truly groundbreaking achievement

5 Cons

  1. Safety. Much worse than a normal car (no airbags for a start) but so much better than a motorcycle
  2. It is pretty ugly
  3. Boot is small and can only be accessed from the rear seats
  4. Standard seats are vinyl – perfect for peeling yourself off in the heat
  5. Reports that some models have been randomly catching fire

Concluding personality type: Malaria net: Life saving game changer, but probably not needed in the 1st world

Tata Nano golf course

Tata prove you can photoshop a Nano onto a golf course

What's your view?

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