Mini Coupe

Mini Coupe Burton

Mini Coupe – yes it looks weird on top of a mountain as well

5 Pros

  1. The Mini Coupe is lively and fun to drive – think slow go kart
  2. Lighter and faster than the hatch version
  3. Special. So Special in fact I am yet to see one on the road
  4. Fuel efficient
  5. Nice interior and bigger boot than the hatch (but still not enormous)

5 Cons

  1. The looks. The roof has apparently been designed to look like a backwards cap… and yes it looks just as stupid as a backwards cap
  2. No rear seats, so 2 less people to embarrass
  3. As expensive as the excellent Megane RS
  4. Poor rear visibility
  5. No spare tyre

Concluding personality type: Cocaine: Gods way of telling you you have too much money

Mini Coupe body

What's your view?

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