Ford Performance Vehicles GT R-Spec

FPV GT R-Spec exterior

5 Pros

  1. The Ford Performance Vehicles GT represents incredible bang for buck
  2. The fastest car in a straight line Australia has every produced – this thing will beat most Porsches 
  3. FPV have finally fixed the suspension so that it can handle the power of the massive V8 engine
  4. Steering is direct and precise
  5. No shortage of space in what is really a large family car

5 Cons

  1. Archaic fuel consumption figures
  2. The ride is probably a little bit too firm now
  3. Interior is taxi spec
  4. Very expensive for a Ford
  5. These cars always age badly and the exterior paint scheme is very boy racer

Concluding personality type: Heavyweight Boxer: Powerful yes, but sophisticated?

FPV R-Spec dash

What's your view?

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