Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora

Fast sports cars and pushing up the daisies… coincidence?

5 Pros

  1. The Lotus Evora is one of the purest driving experiences currently available
  2. Jeremy Clarkson said it had “handling by telepathy” and it won car of the year in 2009 from 2 major international performance car magazines
  3. Lotus expect to sell 2,000 a year globally, so it will be exclusive
  4. Chassis is surprisingly comfortable for such a hard core performance car (and it has a half decent boot)
  5. The S version adds some much needed performance to compete with others in this class

5 Cons

  1. And therein lies the problem, this car is more expensive than the incredibly impressive and well built Boxster S
  2. The majority of the money in developing this car seems to have been spent on the mechanics. Not a cent wasted, but the interior build quality seems to have suffered as a result
  3. Only a 2 year warranty – and there is probably a very good reason for that…
  4. The Exige S recently got recalled due to a fire risk
  5. Most blatant paid product placement ever in Desperate Housewives

Concluding personality type: Red Hot Chilli: Raw heat, but not suitable for every meal

Lotus Evora GT4

The awesome GT4 race version

What's your view?

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