Kia Sorento (Next Gen Second Generation 2013)

2013 Kia Sorento

5 Pros

  1. The recently updated Kia Sorento (introduced in October 2013) fixes the previously poor suspension but retains the cheap price
  2. Most Kia’s now look good thanks largely to the new “Tiger Nose Grill”. No surprise given that Kia poached the designer responsible for the original Audi TT
  3. The diesel engines have good fuel efficiency
  4. Seven seats standard across the range (although the rear 2 are really just for children)
  5. Class leading 5 year warranty

5 Cons

  1. Cheapish interior 
  2. Rear view camera not standard across the range
  3. Steering still not terrific
  4. Boot space is very good – unless you are using the last row of seats
  5. One of the colours is called clear white….?

Concluding personality type: Half fat milk: The perfect compromise for some families

Kia Sorento dash


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