Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ lightining

5 Pros

  1. The Subaru BRZ has pretty much all the same Pros and Cons as the near identical Toyota 86. In short – it’s  brilliant
  2. Slightly different suspension tuning than the Toyota makes it sharper, but it’s like comparing one scalpel with another, you probably can’t tell the difference unless you are an expert
  3. Subaru gives you free data dot theft protection which will come in useful when your car eventually succumbs to the inevitable crowbar
  4. Subaru probably has a sportier brand image than Toyota
  5. Three years of servicing included in the price

5 Cons

  1. At last check it was sold out until Nov 2013
  2. A new, faster STi version will come out soon enough
  3. No A$30k entry model like the Toyota and unlike the 86 it has an exposed spare tyre and no touchscreen audio
  4. People in the faster (but not as good) Subaru WRX will always try and race you
  5. Ongoing concerns re the engine

Concluding personality type: Hot twins: Doesn’t matter which, just try to get your hands on one

Subaru BRZ interior


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