Segway exterior

yes… this could be you

5 Pros

  1. When he first heard about the Segway, Steve Jobs said “this will be as big as the PC”
  2. The 540th richest person in the world said it would be more important than the internet
  3. 20km/h top speed
  4. People may think you are a tour guide
  5. Banned in most places in Australia, so it probably won’t get stolen

5 Cons

  1. So 2000…
  2. When Steve Jobs first saw it, he apparently said it “sucked”
  3. You may actually be a tour guide
  4. More expensive and less practical than a bike… or walking…
  5. Are you really that lazy

Concluding personality type: An answer to a question no one asked


Evidence that a man in uniform may not always be attractive

One comment

  1. Good review 5 reasons. The closest question that the Segway is an answer to is George Costanzas “Why don’t they just try!!?” I would still prefer walkways though.

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