Honda Civic Hatch

Honda Civic Hatch exteior

5 Pros

  1. Its a Honda, so expect the Civic to be safe and reliable
  2. Great boot space and clever rear seats that fold up to create a new storage area (called “magic seats”)
  3. Manual transmission gets a good rap (although it is not the most sporty car out there)
  4. The Civic has a clever system which attempts to help you save petrol, making it pretty fuel efficient. Luckily, lead foot whale haters can switch it off. (Update: A diesel version is due in 2013 and will be one of the most fuel efficient new cars on the Australian market)
  5. Built and sourced from the UK (the sedan is sourced from Thailand)

5 Cons

  1. Looks are a bit dated
  2. Rear seat headroom is tight
  3. Rear visibility is poor
  4. Lack of standard options such as cruise control in the cheapest models
  5. Same price as the entry level Volkswagen Golf

Concluding personality type: Grey: Probably more interesting than white, but still nothing special

Honda Civic Hatch“Magic seats” – even Honda fails to explain it properly in 3 pictures

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