BMW X1 (2012)

BMW X1 sky view

ok…. who farted???

5 Pros

  1. Based on the old BMW 3 Series Platform, but apparently the X1 is built in Germany as opposed to South Africa
  2. All the engines are fuel efficient and the 2.8L is notably fast (0-100km/h in 6.1 seconds)
  3. Decent boot
  4. Fun to drive, with great steering
  5. BMW badge

5 Cons

  1. Lacks the same “high driving position” found in other compact SUV’s
  2. Legroom in the rear is very tight
  3. Not as many standard features as the competitors such as the CX-5 (e.g. Sat Nav and a reversing camera are options)
  4. The steering in the old model was a little heavy in town. Apparently they have fixed it, but it is still not perfect
  5. Rear visibility is not great

Concluding personality type: Angry birds: Fun to play with, but hardly the best game out there

BMW X1 exterior

So you’ve stolen a BMW…

What's your view?

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