Mini Countryman

Mini Countryman exteriorYes, buy the Mini Countryman and people will think you are a mountain goat…

5 Pros

  1. It’s different
  2. Decent space in the back with an ok boot
  3. Diesel engines are very fuel efficient and most of the cars are pretty fun to drive
  4. 5 out of 5 star safety
  5. An Australian, Chris Atkinson, drives a modified version of this car in the World Rally Championship

5 Cons

  1. It’s different… based on the original, smaller mini it reminds me of a child actor. Everyone likes it when they are young, but when they grow up they always look a little ill-proportioned…
  2. Like an ikea store, the interior has cheap touches
  3. The ride feels a little crashy and this car only scores 4 out of 5 stars for safety (simply not good enough at this price point)
  4. Underpowered
  5. Expensive – you are paying a premium for being unique

Concluding personality type:  Hipster: Stop trying so hard…

Mini Countryman black

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