Renault Megane RS 265 Red Bull Limited edition

Renault Megane RS 265 Red Bull exterior

Confused Renault tries to impersonate a bee

5 Pros

  1. The RS265 is just as good as the old model (the RS 250) but with improved trim and slightly more power
  2. Red Bull edition adds yellow seatbelts and some (price depreciating) Red Bull stickers. I mean you think you are an extreme athlete so you may as well wear the advertising
  3. Electric steering has been tuned to be even sharper
  4. Exhaust sound burbles with excitement
  5. You will beat most people at the traffic lights

5 Cons

  1. As if to prove it is as impractical as a race car, Renault ask you to pay $2k more for this version only to take away the split fold rear seat and the ability to have sat nav
  2. The RS 265 is still not the most comfortable car out there to drive over a long distance, or the most practical in town
  3. The car beeps when you need to change up – perfect for the one time you take it to the race track and the worlds most annoying sound otherwise
  4. Build quality and reliability remains questionable
  5. The chequered flag roof – are you really that juvenile?

Concluding personality type: Prince: Heaps of quirks, but probably the best performer out there

Red Bull Red Bull Megane dashRS 265 Mark Webber

Because I had to show the roof…


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