Skoda Octavia (Typ 1Z)

Skoda Octavia exterior

young man asks: “is that grandpa….”

5 Pros

  1. The Skoda Octavia is built in the Czech Republic, which is a good thing as you can expect the same standard as that offered to the European customers
  2. Plenty of rear seat room and a massive boot
  3. Great petrol Volkswagen sourced engines that are punchy and fuel efficient
  4. Quality interior
  5. Decent handling

5 Cons

  1. Only 4 out of 5 star safety – like buying KFC for dinner – your children deserve better
  2. The Volkswagen Jetta is cheaper with a fancier badge (although it is built in Mexico)
  3. About to be replaced with an updated version
  4. Diesels are slow
  5. Very family, although maybe more astronaut family (yes that’s right, astronaut family) than nuclear family

Concluding personality type: Smoking pipe: Kinda neat and practical, but bad for your health

Skoda Octavia dash

Walnut trim – perfect if you like starting fires…


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