Infiniti M

Infiniti M body

5 Pros

  1. The Infiniti M Hybrid version: Nearly as fast as a A$400k Aston Martin in a straight line (with a claimed 5.5 second time from 0-100km/h) and more efficient than a Toyota Corolla. This is the peach of the Infiniti range and worthy of its world record
  2. 16 speaker Bose sound system: Not standard on all cars, but this surround system is epic
  3. Interior: A few cheap touches, but generally pretty good – think business rather than first class
  4. Speed: All the models are very quick in a straight line (although not as composed over bumps or around corners as some competitors)
  5. Service: 4 year warranty and a strong focus by the new distributors on customer satisfaction. Take advantage of this while volumes are still small

5 Cons

  1. Badge image: Younger than Lexus, but without the same prestige (yet…)
  2. Boot space: Awkward in most models (with no folding rear seats) and non-existent in the Hybrid
  3. Looks: Think seagull – graceful, but hardly head turning
  4. Fuel efficiency: Poor in the petrol models
  5. Expensive: Cheaper than BMW but about the same as Lexus. Infinti will be worth this much in five years but probably not now

Concluding personality type: Kyoto: Not Berlin, Not London, Not Tokyo, but still worth a visit

Infiniti M dash

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