Hyundai i40

Hyundai i40 body

Amazingly Hyundai have not yet been sued by Apple for use of i

5 Pros

  1. Genuinely good looks
  2. Class leading 5 year warranty
  3. Diesel engines are incredibly fuel efficient
  4. Heaps of interior space and a decent boot
  5. 9 airbags and five star safety

5 Cons

  1. The badge – not European, but now as good as anything else from Japan
  2. Steering is a little lifeless – this is not a sports saloon
  3. Top models begin to get expensive
  4. Visibility can be a bit of an issue – especially in the wagon
  5. Pretty much the same price as the impressive Ford Mondeo

Concluding personality style: Psy (Gangnam Style): Korean appeal goes global

Hyundai i40 dash


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