BMW 5 Series (F10)

BMW 5 series rolling hills

5 Pros

  1. Some incredible engines – the 535d (diesel) is faster than a Porsche and more fuel efficient that the smallest Toyota
  2. Like all BMWs, this is a driver focused car
  3. The interior is class – although more nice coffee table than artwork
  4. The design is a bit boring, but a huge improvement over the last model (which was completely bangled)
  5. Most versions get a clever, fighter plane style heads up display which puts vital information such as speed and navigation in front of you on the windscreen

5 Cons

  1. Despite being well composed, the steering feel is not quite perfect
  2. The ride can get a bit bumpy… over bumps
  3. BMW’s standard sound system is not as good as you get in some of the competitors
  4. One of the most expensive in this class
  5. Very strong competition from Audi, Mercedes and Lexus – buy this or the Audi if you are after a slighter younger image

Concluding personality type: Tiger Woods: Still great, but no longer unbeatable

BMW 5 series dash


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  3. I like that the cons are really not that bad of cons at all; the pros are huge reasons to purchase a BMW. For the avid BMWer with a green conscious, the ’12 528i gets comparatively great mpg!

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