Holden Barina Spark

Holden Barina Spark exterior

All dressed up and no where to go?

5 Pros

  1. Sharp looks – fashion is clearly the biggest driver here – I guess this is why Holden market the Barina Spark as “short skirtable…”
  2. Pretty fuel efficient, although not class leading
  3. One of the cheapest cars on the Australian market, but does that make you poor?
  4. Fit four adults comfortably (as long as they don’t bring any luggage)
  5. Easy enough to drive with a tight turning circle

5 Cons

  1. Disappointing safety. You can forgive all the other issues, but it appears that the base model does not even get a 4-star ANCAP safety rating (most new cars get 5 out of 5 stars)
  2. It is actually a Daewoo
  3. True blonde slow
  4. Extremely noisy at high speed
  5. Top Gear sum this car up in two words – “anything else”….

Concluding personality type: Gossip magazine: Unashamedly trashy

Holden Barina Spark dash

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