Mazda 6 (Third Generation)

Mazda 6 red

5 Pros

  1. Looks: Mazda has clearly spent a long time studying German and the Mazda6 looks much more European inside and out for the effort
  2. Incredibly fuel efficient: This car was designed from the ground up to be fuel efficient and is one of the lightest drinkers on the market
  3. Safety: The 6 will have most of the latest and greatest safety gadgets such as a lane departure warning system and automatic braking systems
  4. Space: Decent cabin and boot space (although the wagon is a bit tight in the rear)
  5. Reliability: It is Japanese built so expect it to be pretty bullet proof

5 Cons

  1. Family: You will probably have to sell the sports car
  2. Badge: It may look European but it isn’t
  3. Corners: New electronic steering will likely hurt the dynamics (no Australian tuned versions have been driven yet though)
  4. Sat nav screen: General consensus is that it looks aftermarket
  5. The details: Mazda has skimped on a few (such as the hinges in the boot) which make the car feel a bit cheap

Concluding personality type: Wiggles concert: 30% fun / 70% compromise

Mazda 6 dash

Update: Australian versions have now been driven and thankfully the dynamics are very good. Some concern about the ride quality on the 19 inch tyres and the lack of steering feel, but the car generally is considered one of the best in class.


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