Ducati Desmosedici (Moto GP)

Casey Stoner

5 Pros

  1. Championship winner
  2. Unbeatable in a straight line – Ducati finally proves once and for all that red is indeed faster
  3. No backseat drivers
  4. Top speed of over 330km/h, although you will need a pretty big bag of peanuts to get close to this
  5. Champagne Showers

5 Cons

  1. Only works if your name is Casey Stoner – any Capirossis, Haydens or Valentinos need not apply
  2. Only works in 2007
  3. No spare tyre
  4. You need to be short – typical customers average 5’5”
  5. Difficult to multi-task

Concluding personality type: Macarena: the ultimate one hit wonder?

Ducati Moto GP

Fox getting up close and personal with a legend

Licence: Some rights reserved by sport-picture

Thanks to JB for the photo

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