Range Rover (Fourth Generation)

Range Rover - Desert

5 Pros

  1. Pretty much the end word in status and luxury. The Queen owns and drives a Range Rover, but if you think that makes this an old persons car think again, the Queen likes to drive hers wearing a hoodie 
  2. The new model is 39% lighter than the old model, all the variants are quick and the ride and refinement is Bentley standards
  3. High driving position – because you like being above it all. No surprise then that Range Rover has named this the “Command Driving Position”
  4. Some very nice features like an automatic boot and the option of a 29 speaker stereo
  5. Very capable off road with a massive towing capacity (and electronically retractable tow bar)

5 Cons

  1. Hugely expensive – this car will start at about A$170k making it pretty much the most expensive SUV you can buy
  2. Rear seat space is not as big as the exterior dimensions would suggest
  3. The interior is beautifully made, but it can strike you as a bit bland (and the glove box is a little small)
  4. The front grill looks a little too like the much cheaper Land Rover Freelander for me
  5. Greenpeace

Concluding personality type: President of the United States: The ultimate in power and status, but you will always be hated by 50% of the electorate

Range Rover generations

Time for Range Rover to make you an offer you can’t refuse


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