Ford Fiesta (Mark VI)

Ford Fiesta  shape

5 Pros

  1. Fun to drive – like skinny jeans, the Ford Fiesta will appeal to both men and women
  2. Very fuel efficient
  3. Tight turning circle
  4. Manual transmission is terrific – although the automatic has received mixed reports
  5. Fixed price servicing

5 Cons

  1. Not as versatile in terms of space as the Honda Jazz (which can apparently carry a tree)
  2. Rear seat space is poor and there are some general ergonomic issues like the lack of a reach adjustment wheel
  3. Built in Thailand
  4. Lack of iPod connectivity in all but the most expensive models
  5. Same price as the more upmarket South African built Volkswagen Polo

Concluding personality type: Havaianas: Young, fashionable and gender neutral

Ford Fiesta Dash

Despite Fords best effots, the Fiesta is not actually capable of warp speed


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