Volkswagen Beetle (A5)

Volkswagen Beetle funny

The first Volkswagen Beetle (1938) had the boot in the front

5 Pros:

  1. One of Oprah’s favourite things
  2. The 1.4L TSI engine will be the only type available – luckily it is a pretty good, fuel efficient unit
  3. The interior is very usable, or as VW describe it “everything is within reach”. If you were wondering why they would say this, it is because it wasn’t true in the last model…
  4. They have finally removed the dash mounted flower pot and introduced capped price servicing
  5. More masculine than the old version – although the majority of buyers are likely to remain women

5 Cons

  1. Made in Mexico and this shows up in the form of cheaper interior materials
  2. Only 2 rear seats – and they are pretty hopeless
  3. Rear seats do not fold down flat making the smallish boot even more impracticable
  4. General concerns around VW reliability
  5. More expensive the the equivalent German built Volkswagen Golf

Concluding personality type: High heels: Primary function is looking good

Volkswagen Beetle blue

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