Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 Coupe

Mercedes-Benz C63 front

5 Pros

  1. Big engine and rear wheel drive make the Mercedes Benz C63 enormous fun. Driving this is like hitting a piñata – hardly sophisticated but almost always entertaining
  2. Very fast in a straight line and not too bad in the corners
  3. The engine noise is terrific
  4. Very decent boot
  5. Mercedes-Benz sophistication

5 Cons

  1. Only comes with an automatic – but nobody thought you were a real race car driver anyway
  2. The Nissan GT-R is faster and the new M3 due in 2014 will probably be better
  3. Hopeless fuel efficiency
  4. The interior is not as special as you might like
  5. Rear seat space is a bit limited

Concluding personality type: Sawn-off shotgun: People will think you are a maniac

Mercedes-Benz C63 interior

One comment

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