Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG (W216)

CL63 body

Feel small?

5 Pros

  1. If you can afford the Mercedes Benz CL63 (at over A$400k), there is a good chance that you are the richest person you know
  2. Massively quick, although slower than a Porsche Panamera Turbo
  3. Surprisingly fuel efficient given it weighs more than a Rhino
  4. The CL63 will monitor over 70 different things about you to make sure you don’t fall asleep – perfect for those scared of Freddy
  5.  Beautiful, comfortable interior

5 Cons

  1. The rear seats are not as accommodating as you might expect given the stretched proportions
  2. There is actually a more expensive version (the CL65)
  3. The long doors will be difficult to open in a car park – but your personal shopper probably has their own car
  4. Despite the AMG tag, the CL 63 is not a sportscar
  5. The Mercedes is big, but not really striking

Concluding personality type: Old money – no need to be flash if everybody already knows your name

AMG CL 63 rear

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