Audi A6 (C7)

Audi A6 exterior

5 Pros

  1. Hugely comfortable cruiser. The Audi A6 is positively Steppenwolf
  2. 4 cylinder petrol engines and all the diesels are notably fuel efficient
  3. Massive interior and boot
  4. The build of the entire car is top quality
  5. Audi looks and brand

5 Cons

  1. Very strong competitors from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The Audi is just as good, if not better, but the real choice comes down to which brand best represents you
  2. And Audi represents new money
  3. Some of the engines are a bit slow and dynamically it is not the most exciting car in the field
  4. The options list is almost laughably long and expensive – for example you can get a Bang and Olufsen stereo upgrade for A$12k
  5. This class of cars works best when you have grandkids… or want to downsize your limo…

Concluding personality type: Expensive masseuse: The whole experience is relaxing – for both you and your wallet

Audi A6 interior


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