Goldkart Viper

Goldkart 612 Viper 5 Pros

  1. Raw motorsport thrills at its cheapest
  2. No more annoying backseat drivers
  3. Free air conditiong
  4. All the best drivers in the world grew up driving these – unfortunatly you are now thirty
  5. No more fines for not wearing a seat belt

5 Cons

  1. No suspension – expect some unpleasant spine compression
  2. You will need to own a spanner
  3. Can only run on certain roads that are in the middle of nowhere
  4. When you drive this you get this strange feeling you are going around in circles
  5. No where to store your iPhone

Concluding personality type: Michael Schumacher: At least you think you are…

Shout out to NG for pushing this one


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