Volkswagen Passat (B7)

Volkswagen Passat B7 exterior

5 Pros

  1. The European Volkswagen badge will make you feel a little bit special – probably the only way to really justify the expense of the Passat over similar Japanese offerings
  2. Huge boot and expansive well built interior – although the middle rear seat is not as accommodating as you might like
  3. V6 is notably quick
  4. 8 airbags
  5. Boot opens by itself – very useful – 4 times a year

5 Cons

  1. The Passat is very family…
  2. The steering can feel a bit limp
  3. Despite what many people think, this car is not related to the expensive Audi A4. It is much closer to the cheaper Volkswagen Jetta, Golf and A3
  4. The analogue clock in the dash seems like a futile attempt at trying to make the interior more upmarket – it’s like a shirtless man wearing a tie – what’s the point?
  5. The 1.8L engine is about as inspiring as hotel art

Concluding personality type: Not sure, but I’m guessing they have 2.3 kids and a dog…

Volkswagen Passat mirrors

So you’ve dropped your keys…


  1. Bruno

    Hi Stephen, i own this model Passat in Wagon shape, i dont have 2.3 kids but i do have 2 kids.
    i have to say i agree on most observations but this car is not designed to inspire on the back roads.
    it does the job of carrying a family and its dog with a bit luxury and badge snobery.
    Unless im spending $60,000 on the V6 then i would expect some sort of excitement….but im happy with my purchase.
    it was cheaper than all Japanese cars with same features and servicing is not that expensive $400 was my last service.
    and this is once a year not like every 6 months Mazda and Honda prescribe.

    • Glad you have been happy with your Passat – I think your comment re family with a bit of luxury sums up this car almost perfectly!

      Also, appreciate your input re the service – this has been a key concern for me with VW as they have historically had high costs – it is good to know that this is not always the case

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