Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Alfa Romeo Guilietta white

5 Pros

  1. Uma Thurman appears in an ad for the Guilietta with the byline “without heart we would be mere machines”. I can not think of a better way to sum up the essence of this car and the Alfa Romeo brand
  2. And in this car that heart is really the looks – the Alfa is a beautiful object
  3. The engines are not bad either – all of them are punchy enough and fuel efficient
  4. The boot is huge and the steering is pretty good
  5. Alfa may one day be sold to VW (especially with recent Fiat issues). Why is this good? Well mainly you won’t have to listen to people moan about Italian reliability any more

5 Cons

  1. The fit and finish in the cabin is poor – it’s more tree house than car interior
  2. Not much storage space for odds and ends and the rear seats are tiny
  3. Difficult to get a comfortable driving position due to the tight pedal bay
  4. Needs premium unleaded (not that this is unusual in European cars)
  5. Base model nearly A$5k more expensive than the base Volkswagen Golf

Concluding personality type: Espresso: Quick pick me up

Alfa Romeo Guilietta boot

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