Toyota Rukus

Toyota Rukus body

Yep – those stripes are a genuine Toyota option… 

5 Pros

  1. The Toyota Rukus name – it’s a riot…
  2. Unique styling – like wearing a mohawk – people will stare
  3. Box shape means that interior room is going to be pretty good
  4. 6 airbags
  5. Corolla underpinnings, so it should be bulletproof

5 Cons

  1. Do you really want to be that guy
  2. Not very fuel efficient or fast
  3. Interior is pretty bland – probably because odd shapes get tiring…
  4. Normal people who want interior space buy compact SUV’s
  5. 4 speed auto is archaic

Concluding personality type: World’s lamest DJ: Wearing a t-shirt to work does not make you cool…

Toyota Rukus body

and yes the flames are genuine Toyota as well… I would rather have a comb over…

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