Opel Astra GTC

Opel Astra GTC

5 Pros

  1. The Astra GTC has a great looking rear end (which is almost always a good thing)
  2. Very roomy inside with a big boot – it is actually longer than the 5 door Astra
  3. Opel (a new entrant to the Australia) is marketing itself as a European brand. I am not sure if this means that Opel will carry the same charisma as VW, but it will probably work better at the school drop off than having an Australian or Korean badge
  4. Almost perfect for those mainly after looks and not expensive performance (although the Audi A1 may fit this bill also)
  5. It’s good around corners

5 Cons

  1. Slow – if you want speed at some stage, then wait to the OPC version comes out next year
  2. And if you want performance now, have a look at the Sirocco R which looks very similar and is already out
  3. Bad face (which is almost always a bad thing…)
  4. Hopefully Opel are here for the long term – but should the brand pull out of the local market resale values will likely plummet
  5. Reliability in Australia is a little unproven – but reports overseas do not raise any immediate question marks

Concluding personality type: Zara: Fashionable and good looking, but not really luxury

UPDATE: Opel as a brand has now left Australia…

Opel Astra GTC rear

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