Porsche 918

Porsche 918 body

Probably not the “the elixir of quietude

5 Pros

  1. The Porsche 918 has three motors, 2 electric and 1 petrol – think of it like a three person bicycle that is not lame
  2. Porsche have a setting called “Hot Lap” – like having a fridge with a setting called “super cool”
  3. It will be one of the fastest cars ever built
  4. The petrol engine is pretty much race spec and will rev to 9,000 RPM
  5. These cars generally appreciate in value

5 Cons

  1. You would not call the 918 simple – it’s more time machine than car
  2. All the motors and fancy electronics will actually make this car quite heavy
  3. Porsche will probably only make 918 of them
  4. Production will not start until the end of 2013
  5. The Porsche is not as showy as the other major upcoming supercars (the McLaren P1 and Ferrari F70) – this car is more Miley Cyrus than Pamela Anderson

Concluding personality type: Oscar Pistorius (the blade runner): Controversial, challenging and groundbreaking

Porsche 918 body


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