Editorial: 2012 Australian International Motor Show – is it worth visiting?

Australian International Motor Show - Miss Universe

Fresh from attending the media day at the Australian International Motor Show, a key question remains – is it worth visiting?

Let’s me start with the disappointments

Firstly, many of the car brands are missing. If you were particulalry keen to see BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Volvo, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Chrysler, Jeep or Renault then it may be best to wait for next year

Secondly, Volkswagen failed to bring the new Golf. This is the highest selling and most important vehicle to Volkswagen and the staff were notably annoyed that they were not able to show it off. Instead they had the new Beetle (which looks a lot like the old Beetle) and the new Passat Alltrack (which is pretty much as bland as the standard Passat)

VW Beetle Australian International motor show

New Beetle – yawn….

The third main disappointment is that you cannot sit in the new Mazda 6. The interior looks terrific, but the inability to play with the buttons will no doubt annoy many buyers.  The main positive coming from Mazda was that this car will be available in December, much sooner than expected

Fourth disappointment is the new Peugeot RCZ. My biggest criticism of the old car was the interior and they haven’t updated it in the new one. This is a lost opportunity for Peugeot and is almost as sad as their new slogan – “Motion and Emotion”…

Final disappointment – the new Range Rover. The interior is great (if a little bland), but it looks a bit too much like a Freelander for my liking. Also, Land Rover did not bring out the DC100 concept car for the next Defender (see it here). This car is a real show stopper and would of added some serious spark to the Land Rover stand.

Range Rover Australian International Motor Show

New Range Rover and chief designer Gerry McGovern

So that’s the disappointments done.

Is it still worth visiting?

Wellm the first reason you should visit is the Jaguar F-Type. I am happy to report that it looks as good in the flesh as it does in the pictures. I am glad Jaguar made the effort to bring this car and chief designer Ian Callum out.

Jaguar F-type Australian International Motor ShowJaguar roll out Ian Callum to unveil the gorgeous F-type

The second reason you should spend your hard earnt A$22 on entry to the show is the Infiniti stand. For me, these cars still seem too expensive, but Infiniti have put a lot of effort into their stall. Also, if you get the chance, ask one of the reps to let you partake in the Bose experience inside the Infiniti M – this 16 speaker stereo will likely to make your ears bleed

The third reason you should come is for the Ford smart drive experience. Here Ford will let you try and crash a Focus into a wall, close your eyes while you park and drive on top of a shipping container. A word of warning though – due to the registration process it took me about 30 minutes to partake, even with no queues. I cannot imagine what it will be like on the weekend…

The fourth reason for attending is the Lamborghini stand. Always a show stopper, and this year they have bought the Siesto Elemento. This monster does 0 – 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds… enough said

 Lamborghini Siesto Elemento Australian International Motor show

The epic Lamborghini Siesto Elemento

The final reason for visiting is probably the most surprising. Toyota have brought out the new Corolla, and I have to say it is a step in the right direction in the eternal battle against grey. Given the sharp pricing on this model and that they unveiled it with a flash mob, I might just have to revise my feelings about this car.

New Toyota Corolla Australian International Motor Show

The new Toyota Corolla

I am interested to know about your experiences and if you think it was worth going – post a comment below or write to me here.


  1. Bruno

    Hi stephen, i came accross your blog by accident and im very impressed. very talented.
    i too attended the motorshow and left quicker then i tought, like you said alot of manufacturers were not there and Mazda6 you could not even sit in it.
    then a few days later the motorshow in Brazil all these concepts get unveiled, its obvious this motorshow is just to keep us happy and Manaufacturers dont take us consumers seriously. I will probably keep my $22 next time around which if you think about after consuming food and parking your own car it easily $100.00
    keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m sorry you didn’t have a good time at the motor show – it is such a shame that people have to leave this event disappointed

      In about a week I will be publishing an article about what happens behind the scenes at the media day – it is a little more exciting – so maybe next year try and get yourself a pass and save the $22!

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