Volkswagen Golf GTi (Mk6)

VW Golf GTi

5 Pros

  1. All the same benefits as the normal Volkswagen Golf (found here), but the GTi has an awesome 2.0L engine and seriously well sorted dynamics
  2. The GTi adds some cool features such as a flat bottom steering wheel and tartan trim (which looks much better than it sounds)
  3. The Edition 35 has even more power – but like the standard GTi, this car is still tame enough to use everyday
  4. European sophistication takes away any undesirable boy racer factor
  5. Great pedigree – consider yourself automotive royalty

5 Cons

  1. Almost sold out…
  2. New model due next year
  3. Not really as fast as the Megane (review here)
  4. Fuel efficiency is not great, but if you buy this car I’m betting you probably have a pretty fancy bicycle to make up for it…
  5. It is a little bit conservative (read middle age…)

Concluding personality type: Funky sneakers: perfect in almost any situation

Vlkswagen Golf GTi original and new

The prince and the old king together


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