Audi RS4 Avant (B8)

Audi RS4 exterior B8

5 Pros

  1. Thanks to the previous model (which was very good), the Audi RS4 name is now part of automotive royalty
  2. The current version is seriously quick and has a massive Lamborghini derived engine
  3. It is a good looking wagon – perfect for your big dog
  4. The automatic gearbox is terrific
  5. The Audi brand is currently the last word in desirable understatement

5 Cons

  1. The engine needs to be worked very hard to deliver the best performance
  2. Because you need to work the engine so hard, it will not be fuel efficient
  3. Tough competition with the Mercedes-Benz C63 and potential upcoming BMW M3 wagon
  4. All the changeable settings for the gearbox, engine etc. make the RS4 difficult to use. In reality the Audi should only have 2 settings: 1. Comfort and 2. Middle age speed racer
  5. Steering can be a bit vague

Concluding personality type: Johnny Knoxville from Jackass: Insane family man (that’s right, he has two kids Rocko and Arlo (so much cooler than Apple and Moses…)

Audi RS4 V8 B8

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