Skoda Roomster

Skoda Roomster exterior

5 Pros

  1. Yes, it’s roomy…
  2. European appeal of the Skoda brand
  3. Versatile seating can turn the Roomster into a van
  4. Great turning circle and surprisingly good in the corners
  5. Kids will love the massive rear windows

5 Cons

  1. Kids will not love the “I’ve given up” styling
  2. The interior is pretty bland
  3. The name is apparently a combination of Room and Roadster. I wish they had called it the Skoda Room – that would be awesome
  4. Rear sensors not standard
  5. New to Australia, but this model has been around since 2006 so it’s getting a bit old

Concluding personality type: Robotic dog: Practical and mess free, but you probably don’t want to be seen in public with it


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