Mercedes-Benz B Class (W246)

Mercedes-Benz B Class exterior

 5 Pros

  1. The interior and boot of the Mercedes Benz B Class are big… Dirk Diggler big
  2.  Really well equipped at the base level – although with no reversing camera
  3. 9 airbags – Mercedes even did an ad about how much they love airbags for this car…
  4. Quality interior with a collision warning system
  5. German built and very fuel efficient

5 Cons

  1. About as seducing as carpet
  2. Mercedes call this car an “Evolutionist”… they also call it a “Sports Tourer”… For me, the “people mover” doth protest too much, methinks…
  3. Has a reputation for having a bit of a harsh ride
  4. It’s not quick
  5. Mercedes-Benz will soon release a compact SUV which will likely create some buyers remorse for new B-Class owners

Concluding personality type: Olympic shot putter: Outstanding achiever in a niche field – but no athlete…

Mercedes-Benz B Class body

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