Citroen DS5

Citroen DS5 body

Using mirrors, Man desperately tries to prove Citroen DS5 is also vain

5 Pros

  1. Super chic
  2. It’s French – I have the feeling that they could even make a  “household for three” sound appealing…
  3. The interior looks like it belongs in something much more expensive
  4. 3 piece fancy sunroof will likely impress neighbours
  5. Big boot

5 Cons

  1.  The chrome piece at the front is the Citroen’s face tattoo – lets just say that it will be difficult to explain it at the family Christmas
  2. Citroen are currently in the process of changing distributors in Australia. End result is that buyers are currently limited to only one engine choice. The new distributor will take over in January, so there should be some more options then
  3. Rear headroom is limited
  4. The fancy interior does seems a touch style over substance
  5. Early reports are that it is not so good to drive… shame

Concluding personality type: People who at least once thought that they could pull off a beret…

Citroen DS5 dash


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