Infiniti FX

Infiniti FX body

So global warming was true…

5 Pros

  1. It’s different – there are probably not that many Infiniti FX’s on the road yet
  2. Notably quick in a straight line
  3. 4 year warranty
  4. Infiniti is effectively a Nissan, so reliability should be good
  5. More youthful than Lexus, which is a bit like being more youthful than hip replacements

5 Cons

  1. Not cheap – you can get a Porsche or BMW for the same price as the top of the line Infiniti
  2. Originally designed to look like a “bionic cheetah…” I would probably prefer to own a real cheetah
  3. Boot and interior are actually pretty small compared to competitors
  4. Fuel efficiency is not the FX’s forte
  5. Interior does not really reflect the price

Concluding personality type: Convenience store: World’s most expensive Gatorade

Infinti FX rear f1

Sebastian Vettel (F1 world champion) version – 200 were made – this one is epic 

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