Kia Rio (UB)

Kia Rio Body

Almost famous

5 Pros

  1. The Kia Rio was Carsguide 2011 car of the year – no doubt that the Rio is a quality choice
  2. Designed by an Italian, so it looks very unkorean…
  3. Roomy inside with decent rear leg room
  4. 5 year warranty. Kia’s are now properly built
  5. Cheap, fuel efficient and well appointed

5 Cons

  1. Kia is not a desirable brand – you need to put head before heart in this purchase
  2. The steering is a bit vague
  3. The Rio is slow – although it can still be fun to drive
  4. No cruise control on the basic versions
  5. New Volkswagen Up! has a ridiculous exclamation mark… and brings in European desirability for a lower price

Concluding personality type: Celebrity post plastic surgery: Everyone agrees they look better, but it will take people a while to forget the past


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