Mercedes-Benz SL350 and SL500

Mercedes-Benz SLexterior

5 Pros

  1. Comfortable cruiser with a fancy retractable roof – this car is custom designed for posing
  2. The SL reeks money, but is more Orthopaedic Surgeon than Richard Branson
  3. It’s reasonably fast with a nice engine note
  4. Loads of standard equipment – although cheaper models do miss out on a reversing camera
  5. The boot has a clever system which helps you fit things in even when the roof is down

5 Cons

  1. Hugely expensive
  2. It’s not really a true sports car in the same way that the Porsche 911 is a true sports car
  3. The steering can feel a bit lifeless
  4. Most people appear not to like the looks. Much like many SL’s prospective owners, the rear end could do with a touch of botox
  5. The SL will not be cheap to service

Concluding personality type: Jack Nicholson: Old and Bald, yet I’m still jealous…

SL 500 rear

ed note: thanks to JB for the rear end inspiration…

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