Alfa Romeo MiTo (2013)

Alfa Romeo MiTo body

5 Pros

  1. The MiTo is gorgeous
  2. The Alfa Romeo badge is like an automotive strip club. You really shouldn’t go there, but you do
  3. Reasonably fuel efficient
  4. Fun to drive. Others are more accomplished, but Alfa’s always make you feel alive
  5. With 7 airbags the it’s safe

5 Cons

  1. Expensive when compared to the Volkswagen Polo GTi, but it is much cheaper than it used to be
  2. Confusing ergonomics
  3. The ride can be harsh
  4. Poor rear visibility
  5. Reputation for unreliability. I have heard that the first 18 pages of the user manual are dedicated to things that might go wrong…

Concluding personality type: Jessica Simpson: Apparent flaws really only add to the appeal

Alfa Romeo MiTo rear

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