BMW X6 exterior

5 Pros

  1. The BMW X6 is imposing – it’s the automotive equivalent of carrying around a baseball bat
  2. It’s fast – all the models are very quick in a straight line and do a good job in the corners as well
  3. The V8 engines sound great
  4. Decent level of standard equipment
  5. Fuel efficiency from the diesel version’s are good

5 Cons

  1. The BMW is the ultimate fence sitter – it tries to be every car all at once and ends up being none. It’s like drinking and dialling – some jobs are just best separated…
  2. Built in the US not Germany
  3.  Although cheap for a BMW, it is still expensive
  4. The rear seat is cramped
  5. Not really a true 4WD, it will embarrass you off road

Concluding personality type: Mike Tyson singing: Scary and hilarious

BMW X6 dash

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