Toyota 86

Toyota 86 rear

Proof your spoiler will look just as ridiculous on the race track


5 Pros

  1. The Toyota 86 is a new benchmark in cheap fun motoring. The Toyota cost’s less than A$30k and is a proper sports car
  2. The steering and gearchange feel terrific
  3. This car will let you slide it around safely. Like shoplifting, the Toyota is easily accessible fun that probably won’t kill you
  4. Fixed price servicing and Toyota reliability
  5. It definitely looks sporty

5 Cons

  1. 18 month waiting list
  2. These cheap Toyota sports cars always lose street cred later in life as they begin to get driven by the wrong sort of people…
  3. The engine can be feel a bit lifeless when you are not pushing it, the boot is pretty small and the rear seats are almost useless
  4. The Toyota badge
  5. Highly desirable and rare so it will probably be stolen

Concluding personality type: Lady Gaga – the new Madonna by which all pop stars will now be measured


Toyota 86 exterior

Probably best if you leave the servicing to your mechanic…

Update: Apparently there have been some significant issues with the engine – see article here


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