Jaguar XJ (2013)

XJ exterior

5 Pros

  1. The Jaguar XJ has always been a quality choice for people who don’t want something German
  2. New smaller engines (although not yet confirmed for Australia) should solve the Jaguar’s biggest problem, poor fuel efficiency
  3. The XJ is quick – these models have always been nearly as fast as the 2 door Jaguar, the XK
  4. It looks great – although looking at the rear end does feel a bit like following a man in lycra
  5. The interior is sumptuous

5 Cons

  1. Low speed ride is harsh. 2013 model will hopefully improve this
  2. The most expensive model is over A$350k. For this wad of cash you could also buy a new four door Maserati and a new two door Porsche, although neither of these options are as fast in a straight line
  3. The headroom in the back is a little cramped – a bit unexpected in such a big car – it’s like finding out you’re too tall for business class
  4. The boot is not exactly cavernous
  5. Jaguar are apparently getting rid of the awesome 20 speaker sound system

Concluding personality type: European handball: Fast but niche

XJ dash

I don’t even think the lead singer of Maroon 5 could get away with this interior

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