BMW 3 Series (F30)

3 series office

 Disgruntled office worker

5 Pros

  1. The BMW 3 series key strength has always been its handling. BMW has spent many years working on the rear wheel drive layout and it continues to perform in this model  (although it is no longer a clear class leader, especially without the pricey M adaptive suspension pack)
  2. The new smaller engines are no longer underpowered and the expensive hybrid (due to come out soon) is seriously quick
  3. The ride is much more comfortable than it used to be (but not quite perfect if you keep the standard suspension package)
  4. Big boot
  5. Incredibly fuel efficient – the Diesel version’s outperform the Honda Jazz

5 Cons

  1. Made in South Africa – do not think you are buying a German built car
  2. It looks good, but you wouldn’t call it interesting. In many respects, this class of cars are really just glorified European taxi’s
  3. BMW has never been big on standard equipment, although at least all models come with alloy wheels and automatic gearboxes
  4. The stop start system is not the best in class
  5. BMW servicing costs have historically been very high

Concluding personality type: Middle management: Successful, but not famous

3 series dash


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