McLaren MP4-12C

MP4-12C red exterior

McLaren buyer spends entire renovation budget on new car

5 Pros

  1. Engineering superstar – the McLaren MP4-12C is one of the fastest cars you can buy
  2. The McLaren has brake steer – no need to understand what this is except that it was banned in F1 because it made the cars too fast
  3. During the building of the production centre for the MP4-12C, a floor manager rejected a batch of trolley wheels because they did not exactly match the colour scheme of the rest of the factory (apparently it was a few shades of grey off…) This demonstrates the manic attention to detail of McLaren and what you can expect from this car
  4. The engine has been tuned to sound “English…”
  5. The McLaren is one of the most comfortable supercars to drive

5 Cons

  1. Enormous waiting list
  2. The MP4-12C has been accused of being too boring. Does perfection equal boredom? I get the feeling that if you asked McLaren to design the world’s fastest roller coaster, the result would be on that went in a straight line. Hard to argue that they didn’t deliver but it kinda misses the point
  3. The name… can you remember it?
  4. McLaren are developing an even faster car the “P1”
  5. The interior can be split into two colour schemes to create a “driver zone”. I would of thought the steering wheel would be enough…

Concluding personality type: Bill Gates: 100% genius, 0% Jock

McLaren argues it has the world largest glove box…

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