Volkswagen Polo GTI (Mk5)

Volkswagen Polo GTI exterior

5 Pros

  1. The VW Polo GTi has won Motor magazine’s “Bang for your Buck” for the past two years – this is a proper hot hatch
  2. Despite its performance, the GTI can actually be very fuel efficient. The Polo is to have your cake and eat it too – or as the Italians say, “to have the barrel full and the wife drunk…”
  3. The engine noise is great, but the exhaust is missing that smile inducing burble
  4. The 3 rear seats are spacious
  5. Signature GTI trim gives the interior that x-factor

5 Cons

  1. It only comes in auto and the gearbox is hopeless around town
  2. It takes Premium 98 petrol only
  3. The stiff suspension creates a very hard ride – driving the GTi is like going to bed with a jackhammer – your probably not going to walk right tomorrow
  4. The Polo GTi is Spanish built, which is at least better than the standard Polo’s South African heritage. Reliability remains a question with VW
  5. At last check, the GTi had a pretty decent waiting list. No surprise given its sub A$30k price tag

Concluding personality type: Kevin Spacey: All round brilliance – but no bikini model…

Volkswagen Polo GTI brakes

So… do red brakes go faster?


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